Anonymous outgoing calls
  • Asad_khanAsad_khan
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    I am using a android phone ..its about a week since my friends are complaining me that i am making miscalls to their numbers , as my phone is protected by pattern no one else can use my phone ...I don't see any record of outgoing calls from my cell
    Not only my friends but also from unknown numbers I receive calls and they complain that I had called them on their cell phone.
    I try calling on helpline of mobillink but they were unable to help they said its not possible ...
    I have a doubt about an application that I am using for call blocking ...Is it possible that the app is anonymously making calls ????
    link of app available on google play :
  • Aziz007Aziz007
    Posts: 86Member

    مفت کے ایپلی کیشنز کا تو یہی مزہ ہوتا ہے

  • Asad_khanAsad_khan
    Posts: 3Member
    !!!!!!!ہاں یار یہ توھے
  • ZohairZohair
    Posts: 215Administrator

    کئی ایپلی کیشنز آپ کے نمبر سے کال ملا کر اپنے پیسے پورے کرتی ہیں اور آپکو معلوم بھی نہیں ہوپاتا۔

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